Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

Free FULL Port Royale 3 Steam Edition

Developer: Kalypso Media
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Similar Game: Patrician IV: Conquest by Trade
Genre: Strategy
Media: 1 DVD

Steam Exclusive has a Ghost Ship customization of the Spanish War Galleon. When enabled all war galleons under control of the player will appear as the Ghost Ship. This release includes patch 1.3.1 5 DLCs and 3 Skins.

In Port Royale 3, players will embark upon an epic adventure through the Caribbean during the turbulent 17th century where the naval powers of Spain, England, France and the Netherlands all fight for supremacy in the colonies. Players take on the role of a young captain trying to build his fortune and reputation in the new world colonies. The campaign consists of two different paths for the young protagonist to follow: adventurer and trader.

Following the path of the adventurer will lead the player on a naval conquest where they must gain notoriety through raids, piracy, bounty hunting, plundering and conquering cities as they strive to build their new Caribbean empire.

Minimum Requirement:
Windows XP/Vista/7
Pentium Dual Core 2.0 GHz
3 GB hard disk space
256 MB Video Card (ATI Radeon X2000 or NVidia GeForce 8600)Link
Screenshots & Trailer: