Kamis, 10 November 2011

IVT Bluesoleil 3.0 Bluetooth software

IVT Bluesoleil 3.0 Bluetooth Software for WinXP/VISTA (Full Version)

inilah software nya by gigih raceman.... developed by IVT Corporation since 1999. It is one of the most popular Bluetooth PC software in the industry. BlueSoleil consists of a family of products: BlueSoleil (Standard) Edition, BlueSoleil VoIP Edition, BlueSoleil WinCE Edition.
What can BlueSoleil do for you?
  • Access Internet Wirelessly
  • Connect Wireless Hi-Fi Headset
  • Connect and Control Wireless Camera
  • Connect Wireless Printer
  • Connect Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
BlueSoleil allows your Bluetooth radio enabled desktop or notebook computer to wirelessly access a wide variety of Bluetooth enabled digital devices, such as mobile phones, stereo/mono headsets, keyboard and mouse, camera, printer and GPS devices or PDAs etc.
BlueSoleil presents users the Bluetooth connection environment in an intuitive “Bluetooth space / orbit + Soleil (the sun)” graphical user interface. Within this intuitive environment, users can easily click “My local Soleil” device to start to search other surrounding Bluetooth device, which are shown on the orbit. Bluetooth connection can be setup by simply clicking the other Bluetooth device icon. A line will be shown between the Soleil and the device to indicate the connection. You can enjoy all the Bluetooth functions in one graphical user interface.
BlueSoleil supports 16 Bluetooth functions (Profiles) and 17 languages at the moment.
BlueSoleil™ Application Scenario

Download IVT Bluesoleil 3.0 for WinXP,Windows Vista (File Name: Bluesoleil_V3.0_inc_crack.rar):
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