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Climb to the Top of the Trucking World in 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' !

18 Wheels of Steel - Haulin game
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18 Wheels of Steel - Haulin

Avg. Rating: 43210 (22 Player Reviews - Avg. Rating 4.9 out of 5) Write a Review & You Could Win $70 In Games!
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Game Description

One of the most realistic trucking games ever!

Another installment in the popular 18 Wheels of Steel trucking simulation series! 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' puts your driving and business skills to the test.
What's the best way to make money and get a leg up on the merciless competition? You decide where to go, what deliveries to make, and which trucks to use! If you can obey the rules of the road, you just might make it.

New and improved graphics; realistic sound

A well-simulated game world lets you get a true feel for the open road from the cab of your personalized rig! 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' offers more than 35 beautifully detailed trucks, and there are many ways to upgrade and customize your own. You can interact with other characters, even hiring other truck drivers to work for you!

Open-ended gameplay puts you in the driver's seat

Visit 40 American cities all across the country, delivering over 45 unique cargo types! A huge game environment gives you the ability to make your own decisions at all times.
Newcomers to the genre will learn the basics in five minutes, but trucking and simulation enthusiasts will also be pleased by the game's depth and complexity.
Get the show on the road and download 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' now!
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Player Reviews

Average Rating: 43210   (22 Reviews) » Submit your own review!
54321 amazing, Aug 01, 2011
by jbjbjbjbjbjbj
18 wheels of steel haulin is in my opinion the very best trucking game it has graphics, it is highly realistic with brands you see today and it has some of the best trucks ever made. thats why i give this game 5 stars
54321 Lt.Musser, Jul 25, 2011
by roger musser (bethel,pa usa)
the best trucking game ive played very real i drive trucks on my uncles farm and this simulates a truck and the laws in every way i love it and great gaphics too
54321 Great, Jul 15, 2011
by Fonny (Iroquois Falls, ON Canada)
This is a great game it shows how it actually works when you are driving a big rig! you have to follow the rues of the road and also get your load in on time to make as much money as possible.  If you do these things odds are you will do fine.Also the graphics are really good so it actually looks real when you play the game to me this is the perfect simulation game without actually being in the truck itsefl and working.
54321 keep on trucking, Jun 03, 2011
by kenneth robinson (griggsville il)
iv been around trucks all my life and have played a lot of games but this game here will make ya late for work trying to deliver that frieght
54321 Extreme truckers, Dec 30, 2010
by John david (Hyderabad)
When we play this game our mind skills can be sharpened and we can know about the main concept
54321 bad ass, Oct 27, 2010
by Dakota Barton (USA, Indiana)
i played 18 wos haulin and it was the best game i have ever played in my life
after i played the trial it was so good that i went to the store and boght the game with the money i was saving for gas
54321 Greatest Game Ever, Sep 09, 2010
by Levi
This is the GREATEST game that I have ever played. I love trucking. The games people make these days are awsome. I hope I get to be a trucker in the future.
54321 My Outcome, Jul 23, 2010
by labarion (Stillwater,OK USA)
this game tops all of the games in the world the driving experience puts you right behind the wheel of the trucks. it feels as if you are actually driving a big rig.. i love this game i play it everyday.. jus the feeling of one of these rigs makes you wanna drive them in real life.. its a dream filling goal to play this game..
54321 best game, Jul 19, 2010
by shane (usa)
best game in the world i just tryed the trail for ten minutes and im hooked im ordering the full version now cant what tell i get it
32121 A bit of a copy, Jul 15, 2010
by Victor (Oosterhout,Netherlands,Europe)
Is it me or is it almost the same as Across America? But still,AA was a great game: it was realistic,it had fine controls AND it had much trailers. What more do you want? Well,maybe that the trucks will go a bit faster. If you want to go across whole America (haha,how ironicly) it takes 1 or 2 real life hours. Also,almost all your jobs are this distance so it isnt a real ‘‘Im bored,im gonna play this for 10 minutes’’ game. I think its not worth to buy it,becuase it is almost the same as AA,but it costs more
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