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ultramen cosmos

ultraman cosmos

ultraman cosmos

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Ultraman Cosmos: The Blue Planet (ウルトラマンコスモス2 THE BLUE PLANET Urutoraman Kosumosu Tsū: Za Burū Puranetto?) is Ultraman Cosmos theatrical film adaptation, was released in Japan on August 3, 2002. It is a tokusatsu film series Ultraman franchise, it also direct sequel to the original Ultraman Cosmos television series.
Once again, Musashi has encounter Ultraman Cosmos. Now Ultraman Cosmos has gained some new modes to defeat Scropis. Musashi has joined Team Sea to save the Blue Area. But there is mysterious evil monster, Sandros, who wants to destroy the Earth. Now it is up Musashi and Ultraman Cosmos to defeat Sandros and who’s the other Ultraman?


While E.Y.E.S. prepare to safely transport the worlds monsters to a far off planet where they will no longer be troubled by humans an army of giant alien robots, called Gloker Pawns appear to stop the project. Ultraman Cosmos arrives in time to temporarily stop the attack when Ultraman Justice enters the battle aiding the alien invaders. Cosmos is defeated by Justice and the Aliens destroy the spacecraft that were to be used as transports for the monsters. It becomes apparent that these aliens don't want Earth's species to leave the planet.
With Cosmos out of the way the invaders begin an onslaught against the Earth's major cities. Every attack is witnessed by a mysterious woman in black who shows no emotion and no desire to interact with any of the victims. Without Cosmos the world is defenseless.