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60959 downloads. 2.5 stars. Updated March 1, 2005
Looks up an IP address and displays the known geographical location of that IP address.

RSS Reader Widget

Gadgets powered by Google

Highly customizable RSS reader to spice up your Google IG page with color and functionality. Tons of options! Capable of showing inline pictures and HTML formatting. Add the module multiple times to have color coded feeds! Recommended for advanced users only: there are lots of HTML/CSS type options in this gadget!
Supported feeds are rss, atom, rdf, opml.
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Posts Ratings for all Bloggers

blog ratings
Outbrain Rating Widget
Give your readers the option to rate your blog posts.
Are you curious to know what your readers think about your site's content? By adding the outbrain rating widget you will get immediate feedback from your readers, and they will get easy and quick access to your best content. This widget works for Blogger, Wordpress, Drupal, a website/javascript, and Feedburner.
Just go to to get started with any blog platform.
Add Outbrain Ratings to your Blogger blog
  1. Click on "Template"
  2. Click on "Add page element"
  3. Click "HTML/Javascript"
  4. Copy and paste the code below
  5. Click "Save"

Create Google Blogger Widget

Create your own widget for your google blogger blog!
The newest version of blogger has adding a custom widget to a blog .
You can click on the example below called "Add our link to your Blogger Blog".


60308 downloads. 3.0 stars. Updated June 5, 2005
Minimalist note pad, without a huge titlebar, scrollbar, or margin, and the tiniest resize bezel. It remembers your notes between sessions, can read them aloud (command-space), or execute them in the Terminal (Command-enter).

Pure white, with no lumbering images, it takes up 12k, and you decide how much screen space. A bit better than physical paper, if you ask me!

Version 1.1 saves more often & allows you to seperately control background opacity, font size, & toggle the speech hotkey.

Cities Traffic Widget

Multiple City Traffic Widget
60058 downloads. 4.0 stars. Updated August 30, 2005
Displays incident hotspots and/or traffic congestion for the various metro areas available on The user can select the city from the preferences window.

Based off the traffic Widgets by Justin Campbell and John Teague.

Speed Fan Temperature Monitor

SpeedFan Temperature Monitor
59836 downloads. 4.0 stars. Updated November 3, 2005
This Widget uses SpeedFan, a popular utility, to display your processor temperature simply and concisely.

[Editor's Note] SpeedFan requires quite a bit of configuration before this Widget works correctly. You will need to turn on the logging feature and choose what is written in the log before launching the Widget. system monitor

Roll the Dice

Eldon Dice
59587 downloads. 3.5 stars. Updated October 20, 2005
A pair of shiny blue dice for the desktop. Click them to roll them. They're animated!

[Editor's Note] To move this Widget...
On Windows: Hold down the Control key as you drag it.
On Mac OS X: Hold down the Command key as you drag it.
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