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Time Monitor (clock)

systemDashboard - Time Monitor (clock)
71024 downloads. 3.5 stars. Updated June 26, 2005
This is the 5th Widget in the systemDashboard Series. This Widget does exactly what its name implies... monitors the time so that you may know it at a glance.
Features include a digitized analog clock with a disableable second hand to keep cpu usage low, digital time readout and a digital month and day readout with two formats for our international friends, and a host of colors to choose from! digital clock javascript widget

JC Sticky Note Deluxe

JC Sticky Deluxe
70765 downloads. 3.5 stars. Updated November 14, 2005
Sticky Deluxe is a cross-platform sticky note / post-it note / memo taker. It has a ton of cool and powerful features including:

? Multiple stickies
? Per-sticky window level control

? Global window level control
? Ability to resize sticky
? Customizable fonts, colors, background themes
? Hotkey to create new sticky
? Hotkey to show and hide all stickies
? "Hide paper" and just see text
? Print stickies
? Minimize Stickies
? Auto and manual version checking

? Show actual sticky text files

Local Gas Watch

68740 downloads. 2.5 stars. Updated March 27, 2005
GasWatch shows you the lowest priced gas in your zip code. It also provides a handy button to show a map to the gas station. Maps for Mac users provided by Google Maps.

Please note that GasWatch uses data provided by This data is only available in the USA and does not cover every area.

Multi Pocket Clock

Multi Clock
67508 downloads. 4.0 stars. Updated January 5, 2006
A classy clock with a variety of backgrounds to choose from. Colour and chime options, Digital or Analog face, 3 hand styles and a removable date box.

What more could you want from a clock?

XML Widget Maker

Widget Maker
67441 downloads. 4.0 stars. Updated January 6, 2006
Widget Maker is a construction tool for Konfabulator Widgets.

A form-filling interface is provided to assist in the generation of the xml script of a Widget. Users still have to create images and write the javascript needed to provide the Widget's functionality.

Simple System Monitor

66836 downloads. 3.5 stars. Updated November 8, 2005
Simple system monitor.
- Monitors CPU, RAM, bandwidth usage

Blogger Search Bar Form

Add a search engine in the sidebar of your blogger blog. This searches all the posts on your blog, and displays them by latest posts first. Inside the search bar you will find the text "Search this Site", this can easily be changed to any text you desire. Such as "Search my Site", "Search", "Type and Hit Enter", etc. Just simply replace the code. You can also change the text "Go" on the button to something like "Search", "Find", etc.

Wireless Signal Strength Widgets

systemDashboard - Wireless meter
3.5 stars.
The wifi signal strength widget is the third in the systemDashboard series, this Yahoo powered Widget monitors your wireless connection, and returns it as both a percentage and as a series of concentric rings that dim and change color as your signal strengthens and weakens. Inspired by the dashboards of fancy sports cars.
ScreenshotsystemDashboard - Wifi Status
3.3 stars.
This widget will display your wifi status nicely on your desktop. It lets you know which wireless network you are currently connected along with the signal strength of the connection. The widget displays the statistics data in both icons and percentage.ScreenshotsystemDashboard - Wifi Status
3.6 stars.
A simple wifi meter which also displays the network connection if desired. It's main feature: displays the strength of your connection in signal waves. The signal strength can also be viewed as a raw percentage.
ScreenshotsystemDashboard - Wifi Meter
3.1 stars.
This is the WIFI signal strength meter that features the WIFI strength in percentage, the signal indicator and the network name.

wifi widgetsystemDashboard - My Wifi
3.0 stars.
This wireless meter shows a small icon signal strength meter with the signal strength in numbers.

ScreenshotsystemDashboard - Simple Wifi Meter
3.0 stars.
The simplest of all the wifi meters. Simply featuring a slender bar which displays the signal strength.
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