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Smiley Clock

Have a nice day
64506 downloads. 3.5 stars. Updated April 3, 2005
This is the Have a nice day clock based on the Chrome Clock Widget by Ken Mastri. The wonderful graphics are by Scott Copeland. For all of those that remember the have a nice day smiley sticker from the 70's. Three chimes to choose from or let the computer speak it. Added themes also the ability to enter text for the clock to speak. Go on, check it out. digital clock javascript widget smile face desktop

Battery Meter

systemDashboard - Battery Meter
64020 downloads. 3.5 stars. Updated June 26, 2005
The second in the systemDashboard series, this Widget keeps track of how much battery time you have left and returns it in both a percentage and in time left to empty. Inspired by the dashboards of fancy sports cars. charge

Fancy Goldfish

Fancy Goldfish
63647 downloads. 3.5 stars. Updated May 19, 2005
Watch the little fish swim around your screen.

I wanted to play with the Konfabulator API, and this is the result.

It took about an hour for coding/debugging and an hour to mess about with the (less than perfect) images.

Enjoy!Get this Widget


62624 downloads. 4.0 stars. Updated December 26, 2004
A Widget designed to behave very much like standard-issue pocket calculators. Includes trig, square root, exponent, logarithm and inverse functions. Controllable by mouse and keyboard. Some useful features are unit conversions, displays for memory content and repeated operations, hexidecimal display, and a minimized mode that snaps to screen edges.

Click-and-hold on the number display for unit conversion, copy, hex, and donations. calculator

Drugs Info

62325 downloads. 3.5 stars. Updated August 30, 2005
Detailed information on:
- Prescription Drugs
- OTC Drugs
- Herbal Medicines
- Nutritional Supplements

Look up a drug and read information about its use, side effects, warnings, food and drug conflicts, and more.

This information is being scraped from The Widget itself may contain incomplete or incorrect

Create a Fresh Badge Logo

Fresh Badge
Quickly freshen up your site/blog, sales page, or scrapbook with your own uniquely designed, and very web 2.0 "fresh badge"! This is perfect if you are looking for a free way to make a very high-quality logo for you website. you can create numerous variations until you get just the right combination of color, font, gloss, glare and shadow. You even have your choice of shapes: retro flower, sawtooth seal, rounded flower, or circle.

Meteo by Satelite

Meteo by satellite
61834 downloads. 3.0 stars. Updated September 13, 2005
View meteo by satellite.
Zoom by click and drag on the image wherever you want. This is actually quite an amazing widget!

Check your Gmail

Gmail Check
This Widget will display the number of unread messages you have in your Gmail account. Based on Dion Crannitch's Gee-Mail Widget. Includes bits from Non-Obtrusive Mail Check by Michael Stephens and gCount by Nathan Spindel. email

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