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"Review My Blog" Widget

User reviews are one of the most valuable interactive features your site can deploy. By building trust and confidence, reviews improve conversion rates, time on site and overall site experience. Users can add their own reviews, rate reviews submitted by others and engage in threaded conversations.

Webpage Content Toolbar Widget

What's this?

Let your readers easily share, email, print, and bookmark your web pages with these buttons. This widget works really well in your blog's sidebar, where your readers can easily see it. As you can see the demo above, the buttons are spread out, on your site they will be closer together.

Job Search Box Widget

Get Paid to Promote Careerjet
Careerjet is a search engine that maps an extensive selection of job offerings by listing worldwide job vacancies in one database. It drives traffic to the original job listing website (company websites, recruitment agencies, newspapers, etc.) and earn revenue based on a pay per click principle and an auction system.

Create Image Hover Over Effect

Create your own attractive Simple Rollover Buttons and Images. This will enhance your webpage dramatically. As you can see above is a beautiful example. Now hover over the image and you will see a new image being displayed. The image above is in black and white. When you hover over, a copy of the image in color is then displayed.

Search eBay Widget

Gadgets powered by Google
Search the biggest online store in the world with this mini search bar. The eBay search widget is a handy little tool that can be easily added to your blog's sidebar.

Blog Feedback Badge Widget

Expose your blog to hundreds of thousands of new readers by adding the RateItAll Blog Feedback Badge. Adding the feedback badge to your blog allows your readers to rate and review your blog, directly from the badge.

Multi Web Search Engines Widget

The search widget lets you search the Internet using multiple providers including Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Icerocket, Technorati, Lycos, Snap, and . The default search is Google, but you can change it by clicking the dropdown in the next field next to the Google logo. This will give you an option of the other search providers and sub-options for those providers.

Sleek RSS Feed Reader Widget

The RSS widget lets you add your own RSS feeds. Simply select the widget, type in a title and a URL for the RSS feed to see content for that feed. You can also configure title or description view, change the font, size, mark as read and more through the edit drop down menu. Additionally you can set up multiple RSS widgets and then apply the properties of one widget to all of them, ie color, size, etc.
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