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Mini Date Calendar

58789 downloads. 3.5 stars. Updated April 23, 2003
A small button that when moused over shows the current date (saves you from clicking on the clock menu). If you click the button you get a calendar.
Add a calendar to your Blog


58585 downloads. 3.0 stars. Updated September 28, 2003
The classic lives again, complete with sound effects! Pit your fleet against the computer for all out naval war! Can you outwit that brand new dual-G5 system you just bought? Download and see! ship

Birthday / Event Countdown

How Long?
58164 downloads. 3.5 stars. Updated November 9, 2003
How Long? is a modification of Michael Lynn's panthClock but instead of counting down to Panther it counts up from any date you specify. Great for showing how old you are in days! event countdown calculator


58139 downloads. 3.5 stars. Updated June 19, 2005
iTunes widget for Konfabulator based on iPod shuffle design.

It features visible artist and track names upon mouseover which are removed when the cursor leaves the Widget, and the font and font colors can be specified.

[Editor's Note] To move this Widget more easily...
On Mac: Hold down the Command key and drag.
On Windows: Hold down the Control key and drag. best itunes lyric fetchermusic player, mp3

Mini IP

57505 downloads. 3.5 stars. Updated November 16, 2005
A very simple Widget that displays your *local PC* and/or *public facing* IP addresses, and fits nicely in the title bar of any Windows / Mac application.

New for Version 2.x:
Display other information in the title bar including CPU, memory, virtual memory, battery charge, WiFi signal strength. It is also possible to: cycle though the information over time, select specific information that is displayed/cycled through, set a visual alert on each of the above with configurable thresholds and now choose a background colour.
Also a new context menu showing drive information. windows xp widget for monitoring memory, cpu usage

Mini eMail


55242 downloads. 3.0 stars. Updated April 3, 2005
This Widget allows you to quickly send an email message without having to load your email client. You can either click on the small icon to start composition or use the customizable hotkey. You can also send a text message to a mobile phone (using by simply entering the phone number in the address field. A few of the major improvements in 2.0 include file attachments, real names, a straight-to-blogger button, and a built-in address book! mail


55148 downloads. 3.5 stars. Updated October 13, 2005
This is a dictionary/thesaurus Widget. It can get its results from several different dictionary websites, and allows you to set up custom dictionaries as well. It comes with several pre-set dictionaries to use, including, Wiktionary, and Merriam-Webster Online.

[Editor's note] This Widget may not work as expected on some Macs. widget thesaurus-dictionary

Mini Battery

mini Battery
54837 downloads. 4.0 stars. Updated March 11, 2004
The fourth Widget in the mini Widget series.

mini Battery is a smaller version of the Battery Widget that ships with Konfabulator. It's a fraction of the size, and features new tooltips with additional battery information.

He seems to be related to mini Digital Clock... I suspect same dad, different mom.